Competitive Networking – Keeping It Focused, Keeping It Fun!

Competitive Networking – Keeping It Focused, Keeping It Fun!

Gamification (gamifiˈcation) noun – Making the hard stuff in life fun and in doing so, getting better results.

The most successful speed networking events need structure, purpose and engagement. All too often, such events can fall short of the mark. We’re changing all that with our revolutionary digital ‘Competitive Networking’ game.

This fantastic format gives structure and purpose to your event, introducing a level of teamwork and friendly competition to provide a natural ice-breaker and generate a fantastic atmosphere from the off.

Upon arrival, delegates are grouped into small teams and provided with a game iPad. The Competitive Networking game gives each team a unique route to follow between host suppliers, ensuring effective traffic and time-management. Each host speaks with the team for the designated amount of time and covers the topics of their choice. At the end of each timeslot, the team will scan a QR code with their iPad to trigger a question relating to the information they have just heard (this is a really effective way to reinforce key messages). Then, it’s off to the next host on the game route to repeat the process.

Points are scored for correctly answered questions and live-scoreboard is visible throughout the game enabling teams to track their progress.

This level of friendly competition is a great way to ensure full engagement with the networking content. The process of answering questions to score points is incredibly motivating and rewarding – and it’s fun!

Of course, no competition would be complete without a prize at the end and this can be a simple token or high value sponsored prize. Depending on your event format, the iPad game can reveal a winning team or our big screen, interactive Showdown Quiz can be integrated to wrap up your event with real style.

We’re delivering game-changing networking events for a diverse range of wonderful clients and achieving great results – keeping it focused, keeping it fun!

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Essential Info

  • A fully-managed event format
  • Fully customised to meet your requirements
  • Venue sourcing service included
  • Prizes included
  • Optional Showdown Quiz Finale available


  • Worldwide
Price: POA