Showdown Quiz

If you’re planning an indoor or evening event and want to add some sparkle, then look no further than our Showdown Quiz Events.

Slick, professional, adrenalin-packed and hugely entertaining, The Showdown Quiz is guaranteed to be the best quiz event you’ll ever experience!

Perfect for parties, awards nights, promotional launches and even training events, this unique quiz experience is guaranteed to entertain any group.

The Showdown Quiz is a big screen, interactive quiz using a sophisticated podia system and is hosted by our own presenter. Each question is against the clock and our ingenious quiz system automatically records speed on the button – a clever function which makes the format 100% cheat proof!

Question themes are changed after every round, ensuring that a wide range of ‘specialist subjects’ is covered and that everyone remains engaged throughout the event. We have a huge bank of questions including audio and video rounds and can also create questions themed to the topics of your choice.

Our creative team can even custom-create rounds (or even an entire quiz) of questions about your group and company allowing you to really personalise your event. For promotional or training events, this is a fantastic way to add some fun whilst communicating and reinforcing key learning objectives.

Our professional host and events team ensure a lively atmosphere from start to finish, adding a real ‘WOW’ factor to any occasion.

Essential Info

  • A fully-managed event format
  • For groups of 15+ (no maximum)
  • Tailored in length to suit your event
  • Customisation options available
  • Branded with your company logo
  • Venue sourcing service included
  • Prizes included
  • Available world-wide