VIP and Bespoke

VIP and Bespoke

If you’re hunting for a great way to reward your top performers or impress your best client, then look no further. Whether you have a clear theme in mind or are still searching for inspiration, we’re bursting with ideas and solutions.

Need an on-site event in your perfect conference venue? Want to start your event in one continent and finish in another? Fancy racing from one clue location to the next in a fleet of Mini Coopers/rickshaws/helicopters?! Looking to go Hogwarts crazy with a Harry Potter themed event? Or how about a bit of crime-cracking Sherlock-style through the streets of London town?

Over the years, Live The City have delivered amazing events in all corners of the globe, working in amazing locations including cruise ships, museums, stately homes, the Catacombs of Paris, museums and more.

Working with a team of fantastic actors and with great connections throughout the international leisure and hospitality arena, there is no better company to bring your team building fantasies to life.

Get in touch now and let’s make your dream event a reality!

Essential Info

Our VIP and bespoke events are made to measure, so just let us know when, where and who for and we’ll build the perfect package from scratch to suit your budget.